In the context of the project the following activities will be incurred:

  • The creation of a Curriculum for the Youth Workers, containing key points on circular economy, green skills and ways to promote and transfer them to NEET populations.
  • One good Practices Protocol, including skills and competences that Youth Workers should have to adequately support NEET populations in engagement with the circular economy and green skills. 
  • 4 Mobility training weeks, in which training sessions will take place aiming to evolve and transfer green skills (e.g. leadership skills, energy skills, management skills, communication skills etc.) that can be adapted according to each person needs and wants concerning their employment perspectives.
  • 4 Study Visits aiming to give to the participants a better understanding of already existing circular economy businesses.
  • Policy reports containing good practices for circular economy, findings analysis of the study visits as well as gap analysis and proposed solutions for the legislative gaps per country.
  • Creation and implementation of 2 Delphi panels, representing a method of polling a panel of experts to arrive at a group opinion or conclusion.
  • Final Collective Policy Paper.

Please stay tuned for news concerning the project activities!