TAG GREEN is a young Social Cooperative Enterprise, which was founded in 2017 aiming to sustain people and the circular economy. TAG GREEN is pioneering with an interdisciplinary partnership of scientists for the consolidation and proximity of environmental culture and collective ecological consciousness. TAG GREEN is also active in the field of social and solidarity economy and innovation, providing services upgrading energy, technology, recycling, reuse and education. Its business activity aims to strengthen environmental awareness between businesses and professionals, using the terms of the solidarity economy with a fixed orientation of the multilevel benefit for society. TAG GREEN aims to create jobs in order to contribute to the best possible reintegration of vulnerable population groups in the economic and social life of the country and to reduce the chances of their exclusion. Starting from the management of the social and environmental risks of everyday life, the enterprise promotes through environmental education, a collective ecological culture and a corresponding way of life.

Its multilateral actions aim and take care daily of:

• Awareness raising of citizens on issues of environmental protection and environmental culture,
• Training of companies, professionals and the wider society on social and environmental awareness,
• Systematic involvement of citizens in saving resources, recycling and reusing products,
• Protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity for all,
• Integration of clean technologies in the production of businesses,
• Reduction of the environmental footprint,
• Introduction of eco-innovations in the production process,
• Promoting the concept of cooperation,
• Creating equal opportunities and equal treatment in the work environment,
• Creation of new stable and decent jobs and incomes,
• Hatching of new green markets,
• Promoting sustainable urban mobility and the circular economy,
• Disclosure and dissemination of good practices,
• Promoting green sustainability,
• Strengthening the social and solidarity economy,
• Modernization of corporate technology tools and
• Reduction of environmental pollutants from municipal waste.


The municipality of Nea Smyrni is situated in the southern part of the urban complex of the Attica district in Greece. The municipality has an area of 3.524 km2 and 145.000 inhabitants. It is the second-most densely populated municipality in Greece and produces 26.976 tons of garbage annually. Sustaining a livable and healthy environment and creating awareness on waste is one of the city’s first priorities. The Municipality of Nea Smyrni looked at tackling their growing amounts of waste in a strategic way, through the implementation of a wide range of waste prevention measures. The city of Nea Smyrni has consistent collection services and a safe and environmentally sound disposal. Recognizing that cities are important actors in the effort to address and respond to climate change, the MoNS implements a series of projects and measures, in order to ensure sustainability through environmental protection.

“Connect Brussels” is a non-profit organization under the Belgian Law established on July 19, 2019. The mission of the organization is to connect and encourage European youth to participate actively in daily civil life through creative activities, activism and volunteering. Our aim is to stimulate participation to the democratic political dialogue, empower the European identity through activities and reinforce a European youth culture that respect diversity, social pluralism and solidarity. Our vision is to become the main connection hub for European Youth and Youth Centers in Europe. Together with the united European Youth we vision a more united Europe, without stereotypes, more united and solidarists, with respect and equal rights to every culture and nation.


Microkosmos is an independent, non-profit, international organization established in 2016 in Italy. The objective of Microkosmos is to promote diversity, interculturality and raise awareness of different cultural expressions and their values in order to encourage the development of cultural interaction with the goal of bringing people closer together and closing the cultural gaps. In the beginning, the main activities focused on promoting and spreading Greek culture, both classic and modern, at national and international level. Microkosmos aims to promote:

• The activities that help people improve their creative thinking and their awareness of cultural and educational diversity in Europe, and in parallel to reinforce the EU identity.
• Cultural accessibility through adapting and transcribing the cultural, scientific and legal texts.
• Publishing activity through releasing and / or distributing books, multimedia tools, studies or researches.
• And organize or participate in training activities (seminars, conferences, training and educational courses, labs, training workshops etc.).
• Artistic creation and Interculturalism.

The organization operates based on the principles of social solidarity with an interdisciplinary method for the cultural growth of the person – of any ethnicity and origin – favoring instruments of interpretation of the different artistic and socio-cultural realities. The philosophy is to recognize the individuals, and provide them with tools, knowledge and a voice. Finally, the association organizes annually innovative seminars regarding the cultural heritage and the arts addressed to young people, people with disabilities, (im)migrants and refugees in collaboration with the University of Turin.


Südwind is working in development education and awareness raising for 40 years. With a headquarter in Vienna and 7 regional offices in the provinces (ca 50 staff) it reaches out to local actors all over Austria. Südwind applies the unique international development expertise it has acquired to both its teaching work, particularly “Global Learning”, and its awareness raising and Campaign work. The diversity of Südwind’s projects reflects the complexity of North-South relations, culturally, economically, environmentally, politically, and interpersonally. Being originally founded by the Austrian Youth Council for Development Cooperation youth work has always been at the heart of Südwinds work next to awareness raising and formal education. Südwind works on self-empowerment and political participation of disadvantaged youth, and global citizenship education. Südwind is currently engaged in Erasmus+ projects as well as numerous other projects and initiatives.